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The Pencil Skirt

When I first met her, she was 15 years old..

… more or less at the same age with the rest of us- and very quiet. It was July in a village by the sea, where we used to go for our summer holidays.

We used to spend our day by the beach and our wardrobe included mostly swimsuits, some shorts and a pair of jeans for the “formal” occasions. She was slightly overdressed with her cotton blouse, a pencil skirt and a pair of sneakers. This pencil skirt, in a variety of different colours, was a trademark of hers and a daily source of awkwardness for the rest of us.

Years later, I saw her standing at a coffee shop. She was wearing an oversized sweater, a pencil skirt and a pair of ballet flats. She looked so comfy in her outfit.We had a quick chat and gave promises to catch up soon. As she was leaving, her wiggly walk got a lot of heads, mostly male, turned.

For 10-15 years, I never had any news of her, till last week when I received an invitation for a reception. Mid-week, quite boring, extremely tired, but business is business and I had to go.

I arrived quite late, hoping to find an empty seat, when I noticed a familiar face walking towards me. Fitted white shirt, strappy sandals and a leather pencil skirt.
Once again, she still got a lot of heads turned with her wiggly walk



Historical Note:

  • The first pencil skirt was designed by Christian Dior as part of his “H-Line” collection in 1954
  • Either in corporate design or with an essential makeover, find your ultimate pencil skirt and wear it from early morning till late at night


25th March 2018
LARA ETHNICS Off-the-shoulder loose tunic dress with lace trims
24th May 2018

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