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Sustainable Choice

At OPTIMUM OUTFIT, our strengths as a business are our adaptability and responsiveness to trends. We are applying these strengths to respond to the changing demands of our planet and society, and to speed up our transition to a more sustainable reality.
We are accelerating action on a number of key priorities and we will continuously re-evaluate our approach moving forward to remain responsive to the changing external landscape.
Our strategy is based on becoming as sustainable as possible, as soon as possible, in the way that we work, the material that the garments are made of, and how we access our customers.
All of us should be sensitive and strive in all fronts supporting our environment.
We are continuously striving to have products with low-impact materials and trying to embed products from innovative new fibres until everything we sell is made exclusively using sustainable materials.

  • Recycled cotton is made from manufacturing waste like leftover fabric scraps or from used cotton garments and textiles. Recycling cotton reduces the waste of a natural resource like water. The amount of cotton waste that would eventually have ended up in landfills is also significantly reduced.
  • Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic cotton farming protects natural resources and farmers.
  • Recycled polyester saves natural resources and reduces the amount of waste.

Reorganising the way that we work leads us to get fully digitalized. No more printed invoices in customers’ shipments, unless differently requested. This will also apply to paper return forms which you can easily download here if you need it.