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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery Information

Estimated delivery time (ETA) for orders place by 10:00 GMT is the next working day. There are cases of some destinations that delivery can take up to 5 days (you can contact us for clarifications). Please make sure that you provide all information for your shipping address in order to avoid any delays.

ETA can be altered without our knowledge based on unknown social, weather and custom issues.

Cost of International Shipping starts from €11 depending on the country. Free for European orders of €140 and more. Free delivery isn’t combined with any Promotional Activities.

The optimum unboxing experience!

From the beginning, Optimum outfit has placed great importance on providing a beautiful customer experience without compromising our values.

We choose to create a unique product packaging while producing as little waste as possible because we believe that beauty, quality, and responsibility all go hand in hand.

Our packaging is designed to reflect the quality of our products, as well as to gratify the elegancy of our customers.

While our packaging is not completely zero-waste, we do strive to minimize the amount of trash we produce as much as possible.

All our products are wrapped with tissue paper.

We use logo-printed bags, boxes and ribbons, special designed to offer safe shipment and to reflect the elegance of their content.

As a final touch, every package is scented with “Pomegranate noir” the unique cologne by Jo Malone.

We recognize the areas where we can still improve and are consistently doing our best to be better and find more sustainable packaging solutions without sacrificing on aesthetics or functionality.

Our reward is the smile of our fabulous customers.