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Optimers’ Club Rewards Program

Rewards Program

Earning Your Points

The Optimers’ Club Rewards Program gives Rewards members one point per €1 spent, excluding fees associated with shipping and/or taxes & duties. Your account must be in good standing to receive, and use, points.

For every 1,000 points earned, a €20 reward will be added to your account, which you may apply to your next purchase. The same rule applies to pound sterling i.e. each pound spent in the UK earns 1 point, and 1000 points earned is equivalent to a 20£ reward.

Points are awarded when your payment is processed. You will receive points for your deposit payment at the time of purchase and the remaining points when the balance is paid.  If your purchase was within the last 30 days, please contact Client Services to inquire about earning Rewards points retroactively. 

*You will earn points for the order balance after the redeemed reward is deducted.

*Points can only be used by the account holder and can not be transferred to another account.

*Some specialty items are excluded from earning rewards and additional restrictions may occur at Optimum Outfit discretion. Please contact our Client Services Team with specific questions.

Using Your Points / Choosing How Many Points To Apply

You may choose to apply your points or save them for your next purchase. When applying rewards euros, the entire rewards euro balance will apply to your order. However, if your order total is less than your rewards euro balance, remaining rewards value will stay in your account.

Tracking Your Points

Once you’ve enrolled in Optimers’ Club, you will see a section called Optimers Rewards within your customer Account Center. This section details your points history and current balance.

Negative Point Balance

In rare circumstances, you may have a negative rewards balance. This situation can happen if you’ve returned items (reducing your points) and have used previously earned points on a different order. Negative balances will be monitored by Optimum Outfit, which reserves the right to remove clients from the program if a negative balance persists.

Returning / Cancelling An Item

Points earned from items later returned or cancelled are deducted from your Optimers’ Rewards balance. When making a return, you will be refunded the points you redeemed for that purchase.

Using Promotion Codes / Site Credit

Purchases made using site credit and most promotion codes do earn Rewards points, though some promotions may exclude earning points at Optimum Outfit’s discretion. Please refer to the rules of the promotion or contact our Client Services Team with specific questions.

Point Expiration

Your entire point balance will expire 12 months after the last payment was received. If you’ve made a purchase in the last 12 months, your points are still valid.