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Dear Nicole,

Some Saturday’s mornings I’m so indecisive.

We used to spend our day by the beach and our wardrobe included mostly swimsuits, some shorts and a pair of jeans for the “formal” occasions. She was slightly overdressed with her cotton blouse, a pencil skirt and a pair of sneakers. This pencil skirt, in a variety of different colours, was a trademark of hers and a daily source of awkwardness for the rest of us.

The first time she had to attend a business party, she was very anxious about her look. She spent a week to find the appropriate clothing for the occasion.

Just before she departed for the party, she knocked on my door.
She was standing in front of me with a total black outfit, a pair of long earrings and the most fabulous clutch I had ever seen.

It was more of an item created to be admired than a practical, functioning accessory.This bag was destined to make a statement.


The easiest and most thrifty way to brighten up an otherwise plain outfit is with a bold accessory.

That was Anne’s theory and practice.


Her handbags’ collection was unique and many times proved to be my“rescue boat”, when nothing seemed to be appropriate, in my wardrobe!!!



Anyway, Anne moved back home three months ago. With her business trips and my commitments, we didn’t manage to catch up. I called her last Saturday morning, she was very excited and she proposed to have lunch.

Later that day, I was entering a cute bistro, very popular given the people waiting for a table. I walked up to the bar trying to figure out who could be Anne, among all these ladies standing in front the bar.
It took me a few seconds, before I noticed a quilted handbag with whipstitches along the chain edges, in a color which caught my eye.

No doubt, this bag was screaming “Anne”!

Nicole, I urgently need either a good handbag, or a good story to cope with a moody Monday.

Historical Note:

  • From the earliest stages of civilization, bags and purses were practical everyday articles used by men as well as women.
  • In the 17th and 18th centuries and most of the 19th century, women’s clothing was so voluminous that one or two bags or “pockets” could easily be hidden underneath the skirt.
  • During the 19th century, the age of the Industrial Revolution, many new manufacturing methods and new materials were used for the production of bags which resulted in new models and designs.
  • In the 20th century, art and fashion movements came and went in rapid succession and the handbag evolved alongside.
  • In contrast with the past centuries, in which design could remain unchanged for many decades, the handbag has now developed into a fashion accessory, changing with every season.


25th June 2018
NEJMA Embroidered Long Dress
19th September 2018
ONLY Mustard – White Cloud Dancer

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