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Dear Nicole,

What is more important: to follow a trend or to invent your personal style?

I was watching a TV-show, where the participants are requested to choose the perfect outfit for a certain occasion. They have limited budget and time to spend for clothes, accessories, make-up and hair styling.

The most intriguing part are the comments of their fellow competitors, as they judge the style choices of each other based on their own aesthetics’ criteria, which mainly consist of the season’s trends or what themselves define as a trend.

Which leads us to the next question!

What is a trend?

I tend to believe that there are two categories of trends: the seasonal and the timeless!

Denim is a timeless trend.

Genderless and versatile, denim is the easiest addition to any wardrobe and not because it’s traditional and safe. Denim trousers are an all time classic piece which provides endless choices e.g. boyfriend, mom, skinny, cropped, flared or frayed.

You can try on every style and find the one that makes you and your ass feel like a superstar!

Not to mention the combinations! Jeans are a staple of a growing number of dress codes. They go with almost anything you choose to pair them with. Despite it being timeless, the beauty of this fabric is that it will always looks different on each person.

Do you remember Ella’s white lace blouse with skinny jeans and nude flats?

Or Tracey in flared hem denim trousers with flat sandals and a straw bag!

The ultimate outfit of yours –years ago- with straight cut denim, tweed jacket and stiletto heels. You earned the title of the most inspiring outfit of the month.

And here comes the final question: “to trend or not to trend?

I believe that fashion designers do not impose trends, they only propose!

Adapt to the trends and build your own fashion identity, by making your own choices and establishing your individuality.


Historical Note:

  • Word “denim” initiated during the 17th century and comes from fabric “serge de Nimes” made in France city of Nimes from where it originates. It has been used in America since the late 18th century, colored blue with indigo dye to make blue “jeans”, a type of cotton pants. Jeans come from “Genes” – a name given by French to Genoa and the people from Genoa where the cotton trousers were made.
  • About a century later in America, Levis Strauss, a German immigrant developed an acquaintance with a tailor who began to import denim from Europe. The denim was used to make hardwearing overalls and working trousers; copper rivets were added to prevent tearing mainly at the pockets.
  • In 1950s Jeans became symbol of youth rebellion after James Dean popularized them in the movie “Rebel without a Cause”. Because of their meaning they became banned in schools, theatres and restaurants.
  • In 1965, Limbo, a boutique in the New York East Village, was the first retailer to wash a new pair of jeans to make them look used and worn out, decorated them with patches and decals.
19th November 2020
NEMA Zenobia white shirt with golden print on the sleeves
5th February 2021
VERO MODA Lynne 3/4 teddy oatmeal jacket & GLAMOROUS beige ankle strap glossy shoes

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